Hurt Courture [3]

You’re a badass, you got the extreme sport going, rocking the tattoo and not caring about anything, adrenaline is your middle name.
All those hardcore guys eventually fall down and scrape themselves or cut themselves on their skins, legs or arms. What do you do then to cover it up?
Those skin tone bandages look really sissy. So, luckily some leather band-aids. You have to admit that anyone wearing leather band-aids looks much tougher than anyone not wearing one.
It’s attractive because it gives the ordinary looking band-aid a new look.
It’s inspiring how they can give those standard skin toned band-aids a tougher look, giving the tough guys something to look forward to when they fall.
Future potential: Tough guys mostly don’t wear band-aids and that is sometimes a stupid decision because open wounds attract a lot of germs.



Woodkid – Iron [2]

Each soldier get’s ready in their own way to go to war. Woodkid doesn’t sing of any specific war but that’s ok because war is hell and nobody likes it. In this black and white clip you can see different warriors, from modern soldiers to knights and everything else in between.
These lines are clearly aimed to those warriors/soldiers “A million miles from home / I’m walking ahead / frozen to the bone / I am a soldier on my own”. In the end, who really knows why they’re fighting? Which soldier really knows?

Bombs flying from the sky, grounds shaking and big explosions, everybody goes into action. Soldiers, warriors, tattoos, angry dogs and also a female soldier,  supermodel Agyness Deyn. With her guyish look, fitting in the manly battle.

It’s attractive because you can see the men getting ready to battle and it’s so nicely choreographed and looks stunning in slow motion.
It’s inspiring that Yoann Lemoine is not only the singer-song writer of the band Woodkid, but also the Director of this stunning video clip.
Future potential: Singer/Song writers are getting more creative and doing much more then just making music, but also putting their creativity to work making awesome clips and making their songs even stronger. Yoann Lemoine is cool!


Equal PayDay [1]

Equal Payday is a worldwide organization that pleads for equal pay for women.
The campaign is a Belgian initiative by the organization ‘zij-kant’ (her-side),
the progressive women’s movement in Belgium.
On average, women earn 23% less than men and this inequality is brought to mind every year at the end of March, because women have to work a year and 3 months (till March) to earn as much as men do in a year.

The idea behind this campaign is that ‘getting paid less equals having to work longer’. Advertising agency Mortierbrigade has come up with a striking campaign: a remake of the world famous Benny Benassi video ‘Satisfaction’. In the original video you see sexy young women handle power tools in a highly sensual way. In the new video the babes have become old women who are still doing the same work. Every one of them old grannies around 60 years old who still have to give their best.

It’s attractive to see how they made a remake of the famous Benny Benassi video clip to point out what’s going on in the community.
It’s inspiring that grannies are willing to work with these kind of companies to make a campaign that’s creative and fun to watch and pointing out important things.
Future potential: This campaign was aimed to the younger crowd, because it’s famous among them. Campaigns like this are more likely to keep popping up to make people more aware of the inequality between men and women.


Stealth Travel Jacket [5]

Just when you thought you knew what a Travel Vest was. Check out this Travel Vest!
The Travel Vests you know have pockets on the outside, this looks kinda dorky. This Travel Vest has all the pockets on the inside of the jacket. Gives it a great look and it’s incredibly comfortable without drawing unwanted attention.

The jacket has 22 pockets on the inside making it easy to keeping all your belongings close to yourself. Airport security becomes a breeze: just take off the vest and send it through the x-ray with all your gear safely stored inside. It holds so much, you’ll feel like you got an exception to the one carry-on rule. You’ll never believe all of the gear you are carrying since our Weight Management System balances the load and our NoBulge Pockets give it a streamlined look. The lightweight, breathable brushed cotton material is thin enough that you can control your iPod right through the fabric. Teflon treatment repels water and stains.

It’s attractive because it has a clean look, it looks like a simpel jacket but, underneed the jacket you have all these pockets that you can put your gear, and being unnoticed.
It’s inspiring to see how a jacket can make your life a bit easier. It’s easier to have everything in one place without having to carry heavy backpacks and hanbags.
Future potential: I think that it’s a good jacket for the urban nomads that are always running up and down and traveling all around. I think more people will love this jacket and in the future there will be more of these jackets in other styles and colors.


Ralph Lauren Solar Backpack [4]

Being an urban nomad means you always carrying your gizmos and gadgets and always wanting to be connected. It sucks so much when your phone, ipad, ipod, laptop suddenly runs out of battery. No more showing off those cool gizmos and gadgets. Solar panels on backpacks are nothing new, and it’s kinda geeky. Solar panel backpacks can be helpful in many situations. Ralph Lauren brought out a solar backpack, making it not only stylish but also functional. To top it off, it’s also waterproof! The only thing is that the pricetag is way up there.

It’s attractive because it’s a well know brand giving a geeky product some nice stylish design and giving it a fashion object.
It’s inspiring to see top designers putting their paws in these kind of products and making them more attractive and usable for other people.
Future potential: Urban nomads will love this bag, powering their gadgets and giving them the ability to be always powered up to be connected and working wherever and whenever. Of course during the day in the company of Mr Sun.


iPad Bag Handsfree Reading [3]

People on the move want to do a million things at ones. They want to browse the internet while waiting for the train, waiting in line for coffee, or just trying to do different things while having both hands busy. This high-end iPad bag from Acronym lets users keep free hands while reading or browsing on their iPads.

The bag and strap together function as a variable-position, hands-free way to use your iPad while you are unable to sit at a table. While in place, your iPad sits in the portfolio-style bag at your torso, in perfect reading position, while your hands can be free to answer a phone call, drink your coffee, or do other necessary things that are difficult when clutching your toy with two hands.The bags allows you to shift freely between vertical and horizontal modes. In this photo the guy is holding it with 2 hands, but he can also be holding two cups of coffee and still be able to read hands free.

It’s attractive because it’s a nice way to multitask and still be connected and be able to do other things.
It’s inspiring how things are made to make our lives easier, to be able to multitask and it’s such a simple design.
Future potential: More and more urban nomads will have iPads instead of laptops because it’s easier to carry and move around. Living in a busy world and wanting to always be connected this is a good way to go. Of course it’s not cheap but it’s a handy thing to have.


Premium Air Cool Suit [2]

People in the city are always busy, running up and down to catch different appointments. Summer is coming along; prepare yourself for warmness and hot air. This means sweating! Sweating at the gym is different then sweating before a big meeting. The summer sun makes you sweat a bit more then intended. Imagine an important day that you have that really important meeting for a new job or just some really important business meeting. Imagine a day that you have to wear a nice suit. I can already imagine the heat and warmness wearing that suite.
Luckily, Japanese fashion store chain Aoki has thought of a nice solution, the Premium Air Cool Suit, where the fabric is concerned, as it will filter out infrared and ultraviolet rays. Your body will not heat up too easily compared to a standard suit, while letting you have a body temperature, which is 10 degrees Celsius lower in comparison. These suits won’t be cheap, that’s for sure. But a suite is always a good investment.

It’s attractive because it’s not only a suite but it has a purpose to keep you cool in the hot summer weather.
It’s inspiring because it gives to classic suit an extra meaning, making it inspiring to wear, especially for those urban nomads.
Future potential: It’s quite expensive but i think more people will invest in a suite like this. Especially in those really hot summer days. It keeps you cool in temperature and cool before your important meeting.