Boomers taking over social media [5]

Boomers are adopting Facebook faster than any other age group. Additional statistics include the fact 6.5 million of those 65+ joined in May 2010 alone. Less surprising is the fact the fastest growing age group on Twitter is 35-49 year olds. Add to this the fastest growing group on is over 50.

It’s attractive to see how the”old people” are taking over and to see how they are embracing social media.
It’s inspiring that the boomers want to keep up with the technology and everything that is changing in the world. It’s also inspiring how quick they are picking up on things.
Future potential: The “old people” are picking up quick on things. This is going to move the market towards this group of people making a new flow for new inspiration and also a whole different view on marketing. They have money to spent, the question is how to approach them?



Now you see it, now you don’t [4]

Nowadays almost every picture you see in magazines and on the internet are digitally retouched and manipulated.
In these images below:
Madonna isn’t afraid to show that she’s still looking good for her age. She must be almost 60, I’m just kidding where’s the sense of humor.
Madonna was born in 1958, so she’s 53. 🙂

This is a digitally retouched picture of Madonna. What a difference.

It’s attractive to see the raw version of Madonna showing everybody that she still looks good.
It’s inspiring to see people nowadays showing themselves how they truly are.
Future potential: In an ideal world that natural is the new perfect.


The older the whiskey, the better the taste [3]

What an absolutely incredible design for Highland Park 50 Year Old. Wow!
They say age is just a number, but a 50 year old looking like this is damn good looking. 😀

They only produced and released  275 bottles produced. This prestigious edition is set to become an exclusive collectors’ item. Each bottle is unique, encased in an intricate ‘net cage’ of hand‐crafted ornate Sterling silver created by Scottish jewellery designer Maeve Gillies.
Maeve was inspired by Orkney’s elemental forces.
It’s attractive to see such a beautiful design, all the details and the story behind it.
It’s inspiring because 50 years is a long time, there’s a lot of history and a lot of information. This 50 year old whiskey
has a long story behind it. Inspired by the Orkney Islands elements and famous Cathedral. There’s a lot of respect and time put
into making this bottle and expressing the 50 years bringing it in a prestigious, well designed package.
Future potential: This bottle shows that 50 years is to be cherished and at the price it’s sold (ÂŁ10,000) it proves itself to
be much more then just any other whiskey. Age is beauty, age is good taste, age is not so bad.

BMW 50+ Factory [2]

Companies out there have to prepare themselves for the aging of the population
and also the pension age that keeps going up. One company that is taking this very seriously
is BMW. They are aiming their new company especially on the target group 50+.

Working on the assembly line is hard work, you have to stand all day and this is hard for those above 50.
BMW made sure to take this in consideration and made an assembly hall especially for the 50+ workers.

Things that were done are:
1. Better lighting.
2. Moving toolboxes, helping the workers not to bend down to get parts or material.
3. Bar chairs at places where you usually have to stand a lot.
4. Robots take over heavy tasks making it easier for the workers.
5. There’s also a fitness room and a resting room that is much more comfortable then the usual.
6. Colleagues rotate their tasks between each other so they don’t have to do the same thing over and over.
7. What helps the most is that the assembly line runs 1/3 slower then the normal speed.

This assembly factory was build by architects and engineers, with the help of physical therapists and doctors .
The company is working with 3 shifts and gives new opportunities for 200 workers. The workers at the moment are not
all over the 50. But the idea behind it is for one day to have only workers above the 50.

It’s attractive because most people above the 50 don’t want to stop working and go home, they still want to work. This gives them that
chance to still be useful and also gives them a boost that they are worth something.
It’s inspiring to see companies that are innovative in the car business, taking the movement in the community serious and actually coming with a really good concept and solution.
Future potential: BMW will be an inspiration for other companies, and companies will implement these ideas and strategies to their companies.


What’s my age again? [1]

V Magazine puts three famous celebrities over sixty on their covers for the Who Cares About Age Issue.
Susan Sarandon, Jane Fonda, and Sigourney Weaver prove that age is just a number.

It’s attractive to see celebrities over 60 still looking good and confident and still putting themselves out there.
It’s inspirational that these celebrities live by the media, where the media usually portrays that beauty at a younger age. These celebrities prove the
opposite and show that age is just a number and beauty goes as far as you want it.
Future potential: These kind of covers give women over the 50 the confident to show themselves and not to be afraid of getting old. Beauty hasn’t got an age limit, so embrace it.