The older the whiskey, the better the taste [3]

What an absolutely incredible design for Highland Park 50 Year Old. Wow!
They say age is just a number, but a 50 year old looking like this is damn good looking. 😀

They only produced and released  275 bottles produced. This prestigious edition is set to become an exclusive collectors’ item. Each bottle is unique, encased in an intricate ‘net cage’ of hand‐crafted ornate Sterling silver created by Scottish jewellery designer Maeve Gillies.
Maeve was inspired by Orkney’s elemental forces.
It’s attractive to see such a beautiful design, all the details and the story behind it.
It’s inspiring because 50 years is a long time, there’s a lot of history and a lot of information. This 50 year old whiskey
has a long story behind it. Inspired by the Orkney Islands elements and famous Cathedral. There’s a lot of respect and time put
into making this bottle and expressing the 50 years bringing it in a prestigious, well designed package.
Future potential: This bottle shows that 50 years is to be cherished and at the price it’s sold (£10,000) it proves itself to
be much more then just any other whiskey. Age is beauty, age is good taste, age is not so bad.

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