Boomers taking over social media [5]

Boomers are adopting Facebook faster than any other age group. Additional statistics include the fact 6.5 million of those 65+ joined in May 2010 alone. Less surprising is the fact the fastest growing age group on Twitter is 35-49 year olds. Add to this the fastest growing group on is over 50.

It’s attractive to see how the”old people” are taking over and to see how they are embracing social media.
It’s inspiring that the boomers want to keep up with the technology and everything that is changing in the world. It’s also inspiring how quick they are picking up on things.
Future potential: The “old people” are picking up quick on things. This is going to move the market towards this group of people making a new flow for new inspiration and also a whole different view on marketing. They have money to spent, the question is how to approach them?



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