BMW 50+ Factory [2]

Companies out there have to prepare themselves for the aging of the population
and also the pension age that keeps going up. One company that is taking this very seriously
is BMW. They are aiming their new company especially on the target group 50+.

Working on the assembly line is hard work, you have to stand all day and this is hard for those above 50.
BMW made sure to take this in consideration and made an assembly hall especially for the 50+ workers.

Things that were done are:
1. Better lighting.
2. Moving toolboxes, helping the workers not to bend down to get parts or material.
3. Bar chairs at places where you usually have to stand a lot.
4. Robots take over heavy tasks making it easier for the workers.
5. There’s also a fitness room and a resting room that is much more comfortable then the usual.
6. Colleagues rotate their tasks between each other so they don’t have to do the same thing over and over.
7. What helps the most is that the assembly line runs 1/3 slower then the normal speed.

This assembly factory was build by architects and engineers, with the help of physical therapists and doctors .
The company is working with 3 shifts and gives new opportunities for 200 workers. The workers at the moment are not
all over the 50. But the idea behind it is for one day to have only workers above the 50.

It’s attractive because most people above the 50 don’t want to stop working and go home, they still want to work. This gives them that
chance to still be useful and also gives them a boost that they are worth something.
It’s inspiring to see companies that are innovative in the car business, taking the movement in the community serious and actually coming with a really good concept and solution.
Future potential: BMW will be an inspiration for other companies, and companies will implement these ideas and strategies to their companies.



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