Woodkid – Iron [2]

Each soldier get’s ready in their own way to go to war. Woodkid doesn’t sing of any specific war but that’s ok because war is hell and nobody likes it. In this black and white clip you can see different warriors, from modern soldiers to knights and everything else in between.
These lines are clearly aimed to those warriors/soldiers “A million miles from home / I’m walking ahead / frozen to the bone / I am a soldier on my own”. In the end, who really knows why they’re fighting? Which soldier really knows?

Bombs flying from the sky, grounds shaking and big explosions, everybody goes into action. Soldiers, warriors, tattoos, angry dogs and also a female soldier,  supermodel Agyness Deyn. With her guyish look, fitting in the manly battle.

It’s attractive because you can see the men getting ready to battle and it’s so nicely choreographed and looks stunning in slow motion.
It’s inspiring that Yoann Lemoine is not only the singer-song writer of the band Woodkid, but also the Director of this stunning video clip.
Future potential: Singer/Song writers are getting more creative and doing much more then just making music, but also putting their creativity to work making awesome clips and making their songs even stronger. Yoann Lemoine is cool!



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