Hurt Courture [3]

You’re a badass, you got the extreme sport going, rocking the tattoo and not caring about anything, adrenaline is your middle name.
All those hardcore guys eventually fall down and scrape themselves or cut themselves on their skins, legs or arms. What do you do then to cover it up?
Those skin tone bandages look really sissy. So, luckily some leather band-aids. You have to admit that anyone wearing leather band-aids looks much tougher than anyone not wearing one.
It’s attractive because it gives the ordinary looking band-aid a new look.
It’s inspiring how they can give those standard skin toned band-aids a tougher look, giving the tough guys something to look forward to when they fall.
Future potential: Tough guys mostly don’t wear band-aids and that is sometimes a stupid decision because open wounds attract a lot of germs.



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