Equal PayDay [1]

Equal Payday is a worldwide organization that pleads for equal pay for women.
The campaign is a Belgian initiative by the organization ‘zij-kant’ (her-side),
the progressive women’s movement in Belgium.
On average, women earn 23% less than men and this inequality is brought to mind every year at the end of March, because women have to work a year and 3 months (till March) to earn as much as men do in a year.

The idea behind this campaign is that ‘getting paid less equals having to work longer’. Advertising agency Mortierbrigade has come up with a striking campaign: a remake of the world famous Benny Benassi video ‘Satisfaction’. In the original video you see sexy young women handle power tools in a highly sensual way. In the new video the babes have become old women who are still doing the same work. Every one of them old grannies around 60 years old who still have to give their best.

It’s attractive to see how they made a remake of the famous Benny Benassi video clip to point out what’s going on in the community.
It’s inspiring that grannies are willing to work with these kind of companies to make a campaign that’s creative and fun to watch and pointing out important things.
Future potential: This campaign was aimed to the younger crowd, because it’s famous among them. Campaigns like this are more likely to keep popping up to make people more aware of the inequality between men and women.



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