Ralph Lauren Solar Backpack [4]

Being an urban nomad means you always carrying your gizmos and gadgets and always wanting to be connected. It sucks so much when your phone, ipad, ipod, laptop suddenly runs out of battery. No more showing off those cool gizmos and gadgets. Solar panels on backpacks are nothing new, and it’s kinda geeky. Solar panel backpacks can be helpful in many situations. Ralph Lauren brought out a solar backpack, making it not only stylish but also functional. To top it off, it’s also waterproof! The only thing is that the pricetag is way up there.

It’s attractive because it’s a well know brand giving a geeky product some nice stylish design and giving it a fashion object.
It’s inspiring to see top designers putting their paws in these kind of products and making them more attractive and usable for other people.
Future potential: Urban nomads will love this bag, powering their gadgets and giving them the ability to be always powered up to be connected and working wherever and whenever. Of course during the day in the company of Mr Sun.



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