Premium Air Cool Suit [2]

People in the city are always busy, running up and down to catch different appointments. Summer is coming along; prepare yourself for warmness and hot air. This means sweating! Sweating at the gym is different then sweating before a big meeting. The summer sun makes you sweat a bit more then intended. Imagine an important day that you have that really important meeting for a new job or just some really important business meeting. Imagine a day that you have to wear a nice suit. I can already imagine the heat and warmness wearing that suite.
Luckily, Japanese fashion store chain Aoki has thought of a nice solution, the Premium Air Cool Suit, where the fabric is concerned, as it will filter out infrared and ultraviolet rays. Your body will not heat up too easily compared to a standard suit, while letting you have a body temperature, which is 10 degrees Celsius lower in comparison. These suits won’t be cheap, that’s for sure. But a suite is always a good investment.

It’s attractive because it’s not only a suite but it has a purpose to keep you cool in the hot summer weather.
It’s inspiring because it gives to classic suit an extra meaning, making it inspiring to wear, especially for those urban nomads.
Future potential: It’s quite expensive but i think more people will invest in a suite like this. Especially in those really hot summer days. It keeps you cool in temperature and cool before your important meeting.



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