iPad Bag Handsfree Reading [3]

People on the move want to do a million things at ones. They want to browse the internet while waiting for the train, waiting in line for coffee, or just trying to do different things while having both hands busy. This high-end iPad bag from Acronym lets users keep free hands while reading or browsing on their iPads.

The bag and strap together function as a variable-position, hands-free way to use your iPad while you are unable to sit at a table. While in place, your iPad sits in the portfolio-style bag at your torso, in perfect reading position, while your hands can be free to answer a phone call, drink your coffee, or do other necessary things that are difficult when clutching your toy with two hands.The bags allows you to shift freely between vertical and horizontal modes. In this photo the guy is holding it with 2 hands, but he can also be holding two cups of coffee and still be able to read hands free.

It’s attractive because it’s a nice way to multitask and still be connected and be able to do other things.
It’s inspiring how things are made to make our lives easier, to be able to multitask and it’s such a simple design.
Future potential: More and more urban nomads will have iPads instead of laptops because it’s easier to carry and move around. Living in a busy world and wanting to always be connected this is a good way to go. Of course it’s not cheap but it’s a handy thing to have.



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