Handlebar Bike Lock [1]

The handlebar lock is a good light way of traveling solution for those urban nomads.
This concept is a lock built in to the handlebars of the bike. No more traveling with those heavy chains to lock your bike.
Super simple, just press a couple of buttons and pull the handlebar apart. The bike lock is impossible to cut and there’s no chance to loose
the handlebar with an Allen wrench, making this bike safe and light to travel. It’s the perfect kind of bikes for those who are always on the
go, up and down going from place to place.

It’s attractive because it’s a clean design, no more extra chains on your bike to lock it up.
It’s inspiring to see how bikes are being more and more used and how they’re making them with a clean design saving you weight and looking good.
Future potential: More and more people will be hopping on bikes and I think bikes like this are what people will be looking forward
in the future. Easy to lock, and no need to carry extra chains and bike locks with you.



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