WakeUp, Old but Golden [4]

Tired of being woken up by those annoying alarm sounds?
Always getting a fright as you are woken up and not waking up?
These are situations we all go thru and went thru. Philips developed a light that gradually
wakes you up with it’s increasing of light. The light starts half an hour before the time that you have
to wake up and at the set alarm time the light is at it’s maximum state. You body is very sensitive to light,
so as soon as the light starts to get brighter, your body send a signal to your brain to make cortisol, the energy hormone. As you slowly wake up, you feel more energetic and more relaxed and more alert. Ready to take on anything.

Philips made an experimental/experience video to show the effects of waking up with the Philips wake up light.
See the link below.

A good morning can only lead to a good day.

It’s attractive because it gives you the feeling of sunrise, waking up naturally and feeling fully awake and energetic and happy.
It’s inspiring to see how they did the experiment and to see the difference it made for those people that live where it’s most of the time dark.
Future potential: I f you can start of your day with a boost of energy and good mood, then this is what more people have to use. Starting the day fresh
and going to work with a smile, gives you a boost to go thru your day and make the best out of it.



2 thoughts on “WakeUp, Old but Golden [4]

  1. Hey, nice article.
    I recently got a Wake Up Light too. I like it very much, since it wakes me up reliably, which regular alarms could seldom accomplish.

    I also wrote an article about my experience with Wake Up Lights you might want to check it out.


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