Vertical Gardening [5]

Having plants and flowers around you gives you more oxygen and this is good for your energy.
Gardening is a way to relax and reduce stress, watering and taking care of the flowers and plants, giving your garden
a nice design where you can sit and enjoy yourself.

Most people that live in the city, in apartments, don’t have this luxury. These people most of the time lack balconies, rooftop access or garden space. Making them unable to enjoy the joy of gardening and the tranquility it brings. But now everything is changing and a solution has been put to our attention a sort of vertical gardening. I also came across some other types of gardening solutions for the urban society. Check the images below.

It’s attractive to bring the garden feel back in your home, bringing some nature feeling into the city life.
It’s inspiring to see all the different ideas that come with vertical gardening. It’s awesome that you can make a compact indoor garden
that looks beautiful and clean and adding your own taste and plant to it.
Future potential: I think more and more people that live in the city are going to take advantage of vertical gardening and applying it to there home.



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