Creative Workspaces [3]

Imagine going to work everyday with an office looking like the office in the left image. Can you spell C H A O S ?
It doesn’t help you productivity, being creative or happy if everyday looked like this. Same boring office, that looks the same, boring colors
and boring offices. Most companies have really modern looking buildings, nice to look at and beautiful sculptures.
Once you’re inside, it’s the same boring layout and same old boring cubicles. But what’s really important and what these companies
forget is that the employees tend to work inside the building. I believe that people would work better and be happier in a workplace that has a sleek,
clean, beautiful design. Just the feeling of making an office space different than usual eases the employer, giving him a feeling of not being in those horrible
cubicles, and enjoying his work.

Here some pictures of different companies and there offices.


Red Bull London

Check to source link for some more inspiring offices, including Google.

It’s attractive because it gives you energy and the boost to want to work and to enjoy what you do.
It’s inspiring because it gives the ordinary office look a new and attractive and inspiring look and feel for the employees. The employer
will enjoy going to work, enjoy doing his work and also lowering the chances of building up stress.
Future potential: I think it has a future in companies, so the companies take a look at the needs of the employers and to focus more on how
to make them feel at home and enjoy what they do. Focusing on the employers is a future benefit for the company itself.



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