Indoor Beach [2]

In Holland we have to wear jackets, scarfs and walk around with our umbrellas most of the time. As soon as the
sun peaks out and it feels warmer, the first thing we do is go have a drink on the terras with friends, sunshades and just enjoy the sun. Summer kicks in and we go to the beaches or we go go abroad to those beautiful places, where the weather is always nice, it’s always sunny and where the beaches are beautiful. (Sounds like Aruba 😀 )
Imagine all of those features all year around and accessible to anyone.

Don’t waste your time imagining.

Welcome to Ocean Dome, the world’s only indoor beach! Ocean Dome is located in Japan and it’s known as the world’s largest indoor water park with a retractable roof. The air temperature is always kept around 30 Cº and the water temperature is kept at around 28 Cº.

It’s attractive because it gives you a feeling of paradise, that you are somewhere else. You can enjoy the warm water and warm temperature, have a drink sit back and relax.
It’s inspiring how we can take the idea of paradise and perfect beaches and place it anywhere in the world.
Future potential: I think this is a really nice idea for places where there are no beaches and where the temperature sucks. Imagine you had a rough week, it’s cold, you have to wear so much and you just sick of it all and wish you can take a vacation. Just grab your beach towel, swimwear and jump in your car. Pay the fee and sit back and relax.



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