Le Escape Machine [2]

Sunny nice weather, beautiful beaches, luxurious hotels, relaxing poolsides. This is what you usually get to see when you’re booking for you next vacation. Click, click, click, and your vacation is booked. You can’t be too excited because you still have to wait for the date to come. But, what if you can get the feeling that you’re already escaping to your destination.

French travel company Voyages-SNCF came with a really good concept to get the most out of it. Uncovering the joy of escapism using some innovative street campaign.
Placing a mysterious black box with a giant red button on it attracted alot of curious people. People dying to press the button. As soon as they pressed the button, the participant was greeted with the following message: “Welcome, I am the escape machine. If you could leave right now, where would you go?”

As soon as the participant told the black box their preferred destination, it would flash on screen as the box unfolded in a fanfare of fireworks, inflatables, hugs and people dressed as big read lips who would kiss the user.

This experience gives the participant a blast of creativity and joy at the heart of their average day. This campaign was very clever, because they didn’t only aim at one participant but the whole crowd. The scale of the surprise was the key of success. Delivering enough shock value to involve a much broader audience than one person.

It’s attractive because it’s creativity going wild, bursting out craziness and bringing the people a boost of joy. And best of all, getting a free trip!

It’s inspiring to see how the level of surprise brings out the best out of someone’s day. Also the smile that they show is priceless.

Future potential: The movement of different sort of advertisement is clear to see. It’s fun and you reach a lot of audience.
This way of advertisement can give a boost to your company. It also bring a new identity to your company, showing you’re unique.



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