Interactive Use of Touch Screen Ads [1]

As I was doing my cool hunts for this week i came across this awesome multimedia company.
Monster media offers a one-stop source for interactive advertisement. Their unique products provide,
over sized interactive platforms that take on many forms and can be setup either permanently
over event based throughout a national and international network.

Monster Media responds to consumer’s body movements and storefront domination programs. Their quality of
their programs and their costumer service makes them one of the leaders of media companies out there.

It’s attractive to see what this company can do to bring product to live and
bring interaction between machines, products and people.

It’s inspiring to see what the possibilities are in the media world. Using the technology to stimulate the eye,
let the user interact and in the end you get touched by the moment and you enjoy the use of it.

Future potential: People look for interaction, most people don’t stop to look at a poster or a billboard anymore.
We forget them really easy, but using technology and to interact with the user, we perceive things much better and
we will experience it much better. This makes us remember the experience and even enjoy the experience, imprinting
a small dose of joy in our mind.



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