Hot Wheels 3D Projection Secret Battle [4]

What an awesome race that was! Watch some of the fastest Hot Wheels out there battling out on a historical building. Hot Wheels showcased an awesome 3D projection simulated race. The Customs House in Sydney, Australia was were the simulated racing battle took place.

There’s not that much to say, so check out the video. It speaks for itself.

It’s attractive, because it’s amazing to look at and it’s an artistic experience. Bringing your childhood cars up and close, big projected with great visuals.
It’s inspiring that you can project these awesome visuals in combination with a historical building to give it the extra attention it needs. It’s also inspiring to know that the project is in collaboration with companies established in Holland.
Future potential: Giving advertisement a new look. Giving the viewer a whole new perspective and experience of the product. In this case, the Hot Wheels. You experience the joy of Hot Wheels, and the adventures it takes you thru.



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