Adidas Musical Sole [3]

Tap away and make some music with your shoes.
Shoe company Adidas developed a unique powered music concept. For the campaign they asked some famous hip – hop dancers from Paris to perform using these unique shoes. By dancing/tapping with these shoes, the dancers combine different sounds and in the end make their unique soundtrack.
The footwear works by applying pressure in both heel and the toe, this activates a series of drum sounds.

The concept shoe was send of to a number of outlets, enabling consumers to create their own footwear soundscapes. Dancing away, making their own beat and sounds and having fun.

It’s attractive because it’s a gadget for sneaker lovers. And I mean, who wouldn’t want to try them out and make some music.
It’s inspiring that it attracts people to try it out. Bringing people closer to the brand but also closer to dancing and moving. It’s inspiring that you are the creator of your own soundscape. Makes the shoe a bit more personal.
Future potential: it’s stimulates people to move, making us go out rather then staying in playing games. Helps us to fine tune rhythm and movement, bringing our body to a better balance.



One thought on “Adidas Musical Sole [3]

  1. he, deze wilde ik ook doen. Uiteindelijk niet gedaan omdat ik het moeilijk te beschrijven vond. Wat mij opvalt, dat jou coolhunts niet altijd in de stapel van analyseren zitten. (Mijne ook niet, heel vreemd!)
    liefs m.

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