2 the Loo [5]

A month ago I was walking around,taking some pictures in Amsterdam, and I suddenly I came across this funny looking store. The name of the store was 2theloo, and it’s exactly what the name says: It’s a toilette! It’s awesome how they made the idea of a ordinary toilette giving it the features and feeling of a store.

So, if you are ever looking for a clean toilette, don’t forget to go 2theloo. 2theloo provides you with clean toilette’s, and also provides you with a store of toilette products, a place to hang up your coat and sometimes even a coffee corner. Imagine that!


It’s attractive because it looks clean, it looks like a store and it just reels you in if you’re curious enough.
It’s inspiring to give the idea of an ordinary toilette a fresh new look and a new feeling that attracts people and fills them with the same old gestures but with a new jacket of toilette experience.
Future potential: To give ordinary things we use a new look and experience.



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