The Tron Tug [2]

The Universal Plug by Kim Seung Woo, cool concept, fancy light, a reminder to safe some energy.

It kinda puts an end to all debates about how a plug should be designed to remind us to yank it out, once we switch off our devices.
With its circular cut-out, the Universal Plug allows everyone to pull out plugs easily, regardless of the strength of their hands.

It may also encourage people to develop a good attitude towards conserving energy.The Universal Plug has a built- in reminder,
after the light is switched off and the room gets dark, the cut-out hole becomes more prominent thanks to a glowing inner surface.

And that’s not all, even if you don’t yank it out it still has a cheap night- light purpose.

It’s attractive because it’s nice to look at, and it has a pretty blue light. Sometimes it takes quite some effort to pull out those
annoying plugs, luckily this concept makes it easier for everybody.
It’s inspiring to see product that are made to stimulate us to develop a good attitude towards conserving energy.
Future potential: Concepts like the Universal Plug are clearly a step further to making a better world and conserving what’s good for us.
It just doesn’t stop here, the Universal Plug is one of many concepts out there keeping our little world in mind.



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