The Silk Story [6]

Stunning, pure, natural and exquisite beauty are words that jump to the top of my head. The beauty above all is that the silkworms live to become beautiful moths in the process (close related to butterflies).

Silk Story is made from individual shapes made of silk, and together they form this beautiful scarf. What makes the scarf such a delicate and beautiful thing is the technique used for this process. The designer discovered  a technique to obtain the silk without destroying/ killing the silkworms.

Normally the worms die when their cocoons are boiled. The cocoons are boiled to loosen the silk. Designer Elsbeth Nielsen’s technique allows them to create a patch of pure silk while crawling back and forth over a platter looking for a place to build their cocoons. Once the panel is complete, they are left to pupate naturally. The resulting scarf demonstrates the material’s exquisite beauty.

It’s attractive to see the natural beauty of nature coming to live in form of a scarf.
It’s inspiring that everybody wins, a beautiful scarf, the worms can still live up to become moths and everybody lives for ever after. Also inspiring to point out the flaws in the industries.
Future potential: The scarf draws your attention to environmental problems. Hopefully it will stimulate companies to think twice on what they are doing, and not only to find solutions but also changing their way of thinking.



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