Sustainable Dance Club [1]

“Do a little dance, make a little love. Get down tonight, get down tonight. (K.C. & The Sunshine)
Most people wouldn’t even think of going out dancing with renewable energy. Meet the Sustainable Dance Club, an awesome project that turns all you fancy, complicated, silly and sexy moves into kilowatts to power up the club basic equipments. So next time you’re out with your friends, don’t forget to do a little dance, cause all that dancing could be providing usable energy for the speakers so you can dance to the beat, the lights so you can show your moves and more.

Check the video below.

It’s attractive because it’s a nice way to help the environment.
Turning your energy into a generator for the club. Simply put, have fun going out and doing it the right way.
It’s inspiring to see what’s possible nowadays. Inspire people to dance to make a difference.
Future Potential: This technology opens another window of opportunities, if it’s possible to do in a club, why not in other places where it’s always busy.
Example: Time Square, New York



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