Good for All [4]

Goodforall, products for a better world!
GoodforAll  is a company that aims for a better world. They also have an online webshop and everything they do are done following their principles, people, profit and planet.

GoodforAll is a brand that sells products to make the world a better place. All the products are from good quality, good designed and made with a lot of attention and affection from the people. The products are produced with a lot of respect for the human being , culture and nature. People that are related or linked to a product are very proud of their product,happy about the quality and of them self. Some of the features are: strong design, practical useful products,  sustainable and small scale produce.

GoodforAll makes alot of the products, but besides this you are able to buy assortments  based on people care and environmentally friendly.
Each product gets a GoodforAll label:

Fair trade Milieu Vriendelijk Goodforall Eclusive Biologisch Cradle2Cradle Goed Doel Mensen Rechten Recycled

It’s attractive that you can select from a whole assortment of products that are carefully thought of and designed keeping the environment in mind.
It’s inspiring how far you can go if you’re keeping the environment in mind. The environment inspired labels/icons are awesome and linking products to the categories gives you the personal choice to make a difference.
Future potential: Sites like GoodforAll stimulate other websites to make a difference. Already you can see the upcoming of green websites. Web hosts that will optimize and provide with green energy. More webshops like GoodforAll will surface the web, or were already there…



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